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A Simple PHP Bot Checker (Are you human?)

    Posted GraniteGear Posted On November 6, 2014

    PHP 0 Current Comments 1211 Views

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    UPDATE:  You can get an up to date list of bots for use in the function below from here:  Visit

    Ever needed to quickly check if the user is a bot in php?  Here’s a simple all-in-one function that allows you to do just that.

    Just use it like this:
    if (!is_bot()) {
       echo "human";

    or this:
    if (is_bot()) {
       echo "bot";

    Here’s the function:
    function is_bot() {
       $spiders = array(
           "big brother",
           "die blinde kuh",
           "download express",
           "emacs-w3 search engine",
           "evliya celebi",
           "felix ide",
           "fish search",
           "hku www octopus",
           "html index",
           "inspector web",
           "internet shinchakubin",
           "link validator",
           "microsoft url control",
           "ncsa beta",
           "netcarta webmap engine",
           "open text",
           "orb search",
           "pack rat",
           "pgp key agent",
           "popular iconoclast",
           "raven search",
           "road runner",
           "site searcher",
           "site valet",
           "tach black widow",
           "url check",
           "web core",
           "web hopper",
           "web wombat",
           "weblog monitor",
           "wild ferret",

       foreach($spiders as $spider) {
           //If the spider text is found in the current user agent, then return true
           if ( stripos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], $spider) !== false ) return true;
       //If it gets this far then no bot was found!
       return false;


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