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Radio.XtremeXtension.Com Script PHP

    Posted Admin Posted On October 10, 2014

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    This is a small custom PHP script with all typical functions like login, upload songs, edit songs, delete songs etc. So basically it is a small music portal script which you can just buy and upload to any domain and there you have your own separate music portal website Like

    Where to get the Offer? Style Script V1.0
      Full Version: $25 /copy Only | Promo Link PayPal

    What Payment Options?

      We have one payment option for you. The Promo links will take the users to PayPal and it is primary payment option. Please contact us if you want to use other options instead of PayPal.

    What should you do when you`ve made the payment?

      After you made the payment, you will receive the script in zip from within 24-hours after the purchase. Its because of time difference, some times buyer receive script in few minutes after the purchase but normally it takes 12-14 hours.

      In case of any problem, you can report us any time at:

      Important: This offer is for limited time and we have only limited copies for sale. So be hurry to get one copy for yourself from these beautiful and brilliant PHP scripts.

      DEMO:--  Only Frontend Demo Available


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